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Tombarry is the perfect partner for SME’s looking for the next level of IT support and service.

Products and Solutions

Tombarry BI Solution

Business Intelligence

The original custom built from the ground up Business Intelligence solution.
Data in this instance was taken from SAP and transformed into fast, precise and usable information all shown via a web front end.

Tombarry BI Solution

BI 2.0

Working from the genesis of the original solution, this became version 2.0. Taking data from Sage 200 and transforming into usable data held in MariaDB, the information is then shown via web interface.

As well as showing sales and financial information a forecasting module was developed to help the business do better resource planning.

Other addons were also created to enhance the offering such as sales commentary (as seen in the image) which then rolled into an automated weekly and monthly sales report pack for senior management to review.

Web Site Examples

Web Development

All sites are hosted and developed by ourselves.
Wordpress, Jekyll and other modern tools are used to ensure our clients sites are bespoke to their individual needs but still using modern tools and practices for maximum exposure, usability and security.

Clients and Testimonials

A few of our clients over the years

Projects: BI 2.0 and Web Development

Terry Haigh, Founder & CEO<br>Fruitapeel Terry Haigh, Founder & CEO

Projects: BI 2.0 solution and Web Development

Neil Murgatroyd, Managing Director<br>NRM Solutions Neil Murgatroyd, Managing Director
NRM Solutions

Projects: Business Intelligence solution

David Taylor, Sales Director<br>Fredericks Dairies David Taylor, Sales Director
Fredericks Dairies

Projects: Web development

Greg Ovenden, Director<br>Brand of Brothers Greg Ovenden, Director
Brand of Brothers

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